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Pandemic Stress and Pandemic Anxiety

No matter who you are, the COVID-19 pandemic affected and changed your life. Be it a new schedule, added financial stress, or losing a loved one, the constant changes can be unbearably overwhelming. With two years of ongoing adjustments, many have struggled with anxiety and stress in dealing with the pandemic.


Are you struggling with:

  • Avoidance of interacting with others and leaving the house

  • Constant checking of social media and other news outlets

  • Developing a new routine in the pandemic

  • Ruminating negative and dangerous thoughts 

  • Contamination Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, or suicide 


Everwell’s team can help you achieve:

  • Power over negative thoughts

  • Healthy, positive behaviors 

  • A sense of purpose and mindfulness

  • Freedom from compulsions

  • Self-care

  • An appreciation for the present


After your journey with our team, you will be more likely to:


  • Overcome self-defeating, negative feelings

  • Grow confident in social settings

  • Build healthy relationships and connections with others

  • Create a healthy, positive daily routine

  • Develop coping mechanisms for triggering situations

  • Gain confidence in your self-worth 

At Everwell Health and Counseling Services, our therapists are highly trained in evidence-based treatments to help you navigate through pandemic anxiety and stress in healthy, positive ways that work best for you. Our therapists provide a space for you to express your concerns, help you feel heard, understood, and supported, while also teaching you specific exercises and coping skills that will help you take positive action against your anxiety and stress. Everwell’s diverse group of therapists are here to help you along your journey to achieve inner-calm. 

Everwell Health and Counseling Services is a mental health therapy practice based in Ann Arbor, and servicing Washtenaw County and across the state of Michigan.

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