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Play Therapy

“Play is the work of the child” -- Maria Montessori


Play Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is commonly used for counseling with children, as it allows children to be able to express their thoughts and feelings through creative and imaginative ways. Young children may not be able to verbalize why they are worried, or act out, or get upset. In the context of play, children can more naturally express their thoughts and feelings that is developmentally appropriate. Children often use play to engage and communicate with others, express themselves, and learn about the world around them. 


In Play Therapy, the therapist works to observe and understand the child’s inner thoughts and feelings. Play Therapy is also used to help the child to identify and express their feelings and thoughts, how to communicate and relate with others, and learn social and problem-solving skills. Play Therapy can help children better understand and express their feelings and learn how to find and practice solutions.

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