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Scott Kennedy, LMSW (pronouns: he/him/his) is a licensed clinical social worker. He has experience working with people of all ages, varieties of backgrounds, and broad ranges of presenting concerns. Scott received his Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan. At Everwell Health and Counseling Services, Scott works with children and adults, grounded in the belief that everyone has innate value and uses a style rooted in positivity. He believes that it is essential to identify and build upon strengths already present in individuals and their environment – marshaling available resources to face the difficulties at hand. Using this person-centered method, Scott enjoys collaboratively building unique paths to personal wellness with each client. Together you can build skills to manage immediate challenges and clear space to chart a course for the future, enjoy the present, or process past events.


Previously, Scott trained at American Indian Health and Family Services working with adults, children, and families from diverse economic, social, and cultural  backgrounds with a variety of presenting concerns. He continued working in Community Mental Health in inner-city Detroit at The Children’s Center of Wayne County. Working there he specialized in youth and family practice, training as a PMTO clinician (Parent Management Training – Oregon model) and focusing on evidence-based treatment models.


Scott has extensive training and experience using evidence-based, structured approaches to help caregivers manage challenges with their children’s behaviors. He empowers parents as the primary agents of change and believes that they are their children’s best teachers. Focusing on the positive, enjoyable aspects of the relationship enhances prosocial behaviors and family connections. Scott’s youth and family experience also includes clinical work aimed at processing and understanding the impacts of trauma and helping youth positively manage difficult thoughts and emotions.


Scott also enjoys working with clients of all ages to help them create the life they want to live. He has a passion for working with people who are looking to relieve mood related symptoms, build the capacity to regulate emotions, navigate life transitions, process trauma, have healthier relationships, build communication skills, and manage stress. He calls on a range of modalities including methods informed by popular frameworks like Solution Focused Therapy, Positive Psychology, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He also uses elements of experiential learning, iterative design, and mindfulness in his practice. By helping clients to change thought patterns, shift their perspective, and establish or restructure habits, Scott empathetically works with clients to address their personal challenges.


Scott Kennedy, LMSW

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