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Grief and Loss

Have you recently experienced the loss of someone or something important to you? Has coping with this loss caused you grief that is interfering with your daily life? Are you struggling to attend work, leave your home, or reach out to others? Grief is the body’s response to a tremendous loss in their life and how it manifests for each person varies greatly. 


Are you struggling with:


  • Deep sadness

  • Unexpected mood changes

  • Depression

  • An increase or decrease in appetite

  • Feeling numb and withdrawn 

  • Loneliness 

  • Insecurities about the future 


Everwell’s team can help you achieve:

  • An increase in positive energy

  • Power over mood changes

  • Positive connections with others

  • Healthy, positive mental and physical behaviors

  • Confidence in your future

  • A sense of purpose

  • Better sleep 


After your journey with our team, you will be more likely to:

  • Understand and accept that your grieving process is unique

  • Reach out to others for help, rather than isolate

  • Develop grief management techniques

  • Recognize the difference between grief and depression

  • Develop healthy habits and hobbies that bring you joy

  • Be able to function daily without ruminating on the loss 

  • Live in the present, not the past 


At Everwell Health and Counseling Services, our therapists are highly trained in evidence-based treatments to help you navigate through your grief and loss in healthy, positive ways that work best for you. Our team will teach you specific exercises and coping skills that will help you with the various stages of your grief. Everyone’s grief timetable is different, and we are there for you no matter how long it may take. Everwell’s diverse group of therapists are here to help you along your journey to achieve inner-calm. 

Everwell Health and Counseling Services in a Michigan-based mental health therapy practice that sees individuals in-person in Ann Arbor, servicing those in the surrounding Washtenaw County (Ypsilanti, Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan), and across the entire state of Michigan virtually. Some of our therapists are also licensed to serve additional states of Ohio, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Wisconsin.


Everwell Counseling is a diversity-affirming, culturally-responsive therapy practice that utilizes and incorporates evidence-based therapy (EBT), research-supported therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 

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