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Positive Psychology

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life”


Positive Psychology was developed as a response to traditional psychotherapy that only emphasized identifying and managing maladaptive symptoms and behaviors; instead, Positive Psychology focuses on how to pursue one’s best life. It is the practice of pursuing and cultivating happiness. The goal is to decrease the focus on one’s negative thoughts and experiences, but instead directing more attention on things like happiness, self-compassion, and hope. 


Exercises are used to help individuals identify their own strengths and positive qualities and traits. Positive Psychology focuses on areas of 1. Positive emotions (e.g. happiness, joy), 2. Positive traits (e.g. gratitude, resilience), 3. Positive institutions (e.g., applying positive principles within larger contexts and organizations). This form of therapy works on minimizing attention on negative situations and helps the individual further develop hope and positively improve their life. Positive Psychology also helps encourage individuals to develop and achieve their goals, cultivate relationships with others, develop a sense of gratitude, and actively pursue a meaningful life.

At Everwell Health and Counseling Services, our therapists work with their clients to create an individualized treatment approach that may incorporate strength-based aspects of Positive Psychology coping strategies and tools.

Our Everwell counselors provide telehealth virtual therapy and counseling for Ann Arbor and its surrounding towns, Washtenaw County, and throughout the state of Michigan.

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