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Do you find yourself overwhelmed with worries? Do you often replay things you’ve said or done and second guess yourself or are hard on yourself? Perhaps you simply cannot shut off your negative thoughts and feelings. Anxiety can manifest itself in a number of ways, and without the proper tools to overcome anxious feelings, it can feel unbearable to live with. 


Are you struggling with:

  • Constant nervousness 

  • Persistent worries

  • Excessive fear 

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Ruminating thoughts

  • Feeling defeated

  • Feelings of restlessness

  • Avoiding everyday tasks, social situations, 

  • Self-deprecation

  • Trouble concentrating or focusing

Everwell’s team can help you achieve:

  • Better sleep

  • Healthy connections with others

  • Power over anxious thoughts 

  • Increased Self-confidence 

  • Self-compassion

  • Reduced avoidance of your fears

  • Being more present


After your journey with our team, you will be more likely to:

  • Acknowledge, not act on, anxious thoughts 

  • Learn different coping mechanisms 

  • Gain confidence in your sense of self

  • Be more comfortable socializing with others 

  • Stop avoiding people, places, and things that could cause you anxiety

  • Commit to completing important tasks, rather than avoiding them

At Everwell Health and Counseling Services, our therapists are highly trained in evidence-based treatments to help you navigate through your specific anxieties in healthy, positive ways that work best for you. Our therapists provide a space for you to express your concerns, help you feel heard, understood, and supported, while also teaching you specific exercises and coping skills that will help you take positive action against your anxieties. Everwell’s diverse group of therapists are here to help you along your journey to peace.


Everwell Health and Counseling Services in a Michigan-based mental health therapy practice that sees individuals in-person in Ann Arbor, servicing those in the surrounding Washtenaw County (Ypsilanti, Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan), and across the entire state of Michigan virtually. Some of our therapists are also licensed to serve additional states of Ohio, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

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